A Strange Few Months....

A Strange Few Months, and a BIG wave of thanks.....
Well, we are a few months into lock down now, strange times indeed. We count ourselves as lucky as, unlike bars, we can still trade in a limited way. We are missing the bar side of things (both running our own, and supplying others across north wales) and have yet to see a tourist (which is a good thing for now). There seems to be little sign yet of when the hospitality industry will re-open and what it will look like when it does.
As this has gone on for some time now, we want to express our appreciation to the local brewers and producers that are helping us navigate through one the greatest challenges any of us will ever have to face, both personally and in business. We work closely with lots of small local producers that have really stepped up and we (and the drinkers sat at home ) are very grateful. Wild Horse Brewing Co have been especially great in offering to take back and replace surplus keg stock, Purple Moose Brewery/Bragdy Mŵs Piws have been amazing in settling a bill for stock supplied for the new retail shop that has had a much delayed opening, and in supplying and delivering their great beer. Others that have really helped are Sean from Cader Ales (Machlud Mawddach is great new beer), Cwrw Llŷn and Hafod Brewing Company Ltd (both bringing beer to us yesterday), Bragdy Mona, and for course Erik Geipel Brewing. All have helped in different ways including maintaining supply and pricing through a really challenging period for all of us. Thanks guys, it does make a difference.
Our shop and trade range is pretty depleted as we have struggled to get some Welsh Craft beers that large retailers seem to have no problem purchasing which can be frustrating. Prioritising getting new trade customers over supplying existing ones does not seem fair to us, or in another case adopting a 960 can minimum order when only 2 specialist beers are available. I guess sometimes the smaller guys are at the back of the queue and maybe this is to be expected, but the great thing is that most relationships will come out of this period stronger and we look forward to better times and to seeing all of our trade and retail customers soon. At least one beer is on us......
Diolch pawb, Neil & Fiona
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