Danzy Jones- Whisky Liqueur 32% vol, 70cl bottle

Danzy Jones- Whisky Liqueur 32% vol, 70cl bottle
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DANZY JONES is Wales' only old style mellow whisky liqueur- a traditional recipe of working folk who smoothed potent early spirit into rich, fully flavoured toddles by the addition of herbs and rosehips. 

Danzy Jones was a journeying stonemason, born in the 1870's in the Old County of Breconshire. He liked to mellow his whisky in the time-honoured fashion of working men throughout Wales by adding herbs and rosehip syrup to his toddy. This was then carried and consumed over the weeks as he travelled on his work. His particular toddy became popular to the extent that he took to making and selling his whisky liqueur in the old Fountain Inn, Buillth Wells, right up to the 1940's.

Today, Danzy Jones' whisky liqueur is still produced from his descendants' recipe. It requires time and patience to create the remarkable taste of this very Welsh old style mellow whisky liqueur.

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