Anglesey Mon Rum 37.5% ABV 20cl

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Anglesey Mon Rum 37.5% ABV 20cl

This Rum has been distilled and bottled by hand on our family farm. Using water drawn from the Anglesey Spring which has been filtered by an ancient layer of glacial gravel, matured in oak casks giving the Rum a unique quality and flavour.

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Anglesey- Môn Distillery


Anglesey Môn Distillery owner Dafydd Thomas, 29, is using water from a spring on his family's farm near Pentraeth- already used for his Anglesey Spring water- to produce the spirits.

He said: "The spring was there and I had been up to Scotland to see how the distilleries work up there. I saw the potential here to do our own whisky, alongside other spirits. "We started the development of the whisky a couple of years ago." "The whisky and rum has been stored at a site on the coast of Anglesey with just the right climate for the barrels,temperature and atmospheric wise."It has been a lot of work and a lot of investment but we are pleased with the results. All the spirits have a very unique flavour from four small stills here and the gin is made from botanicals on the island.