Trenta Picades red wine 15% vol

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This wine was made from Garnatxa grapes grown near the village of Torroja in the Pirorat region of Catalonia. The landscape is arid and the roots of the vines have to dig deep into the earth to find water. This results in very low yields of highly concentrated grape berries. Only 300 bottles of Trenta Picades have been made. I am extreamly proud of it and I believe that the wine perfectly reflects the region in which it has been made.

Tra roedd Antonio Rizzo yn gweithio yng Nghatalwnia cafodd afael ar gyflenwad o rawnwin o safon uchel i gynhyrchu gwin gwyn ac gwin coch. Mae'r gwin wedi cael ei wneud o rawnwinen Garnacha. Daw'r Garnacha yma mewn ardal boeth ar lethrau gogleddol. Mae'n caniatau i'r grawnwin gynnal ei hasidrwydd mewn tymheredd uchel. Rydym yn lwcus fod Antonio wedi penderfynu mai yng Nghymru yn unig y bydd y gwinoedd yma ar werth.

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Cunning Anchovy Wines

My name is Antonio Rizzo, I am a qualified winemaker and viticulturalist. I have been making wine  for other people since around 2006. I have made wine in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, England, Cornwall, Catolonia, the Azores and Mexico. Some have been small wineries, some have been huge. All of them have produced good quality wines and I have spent my time sharing experience with some of the best winemakers in the world.

Those of us wishing to grow our own vines and make our own wine need to have an enormous amount of money to buy land, plant vines and buy winery equipment. Apart from those family wineries and vineyards that have been passed on through generations. winemaking is no longer the premise of farmers but of gentlemen or women of what have made their fortunes in other areas.

It can be very difficult for a winemaker like myself (and there are many of us) to set up on their own as land is expensive and difficult to come by. So, in the first instance, The Cunning Anchovy is about finding an alternative method to be able to make a wine under my own label with the best quality grapes that I can find.