Tomos & Lilford Wild Rose 4.9% ABV 440ml can

TomosLilfordWildRose, Sour, PaleAle, CraftBeer, WelshCraftBeer
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Tomos & Lilford Wild Rose Rose Petal Sour 4.9% ABV 440ml can

Pale ale brewed with Rose Petals, El Dorado Hops and fermented using our unique sour culture yeast.

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Tomos a Liliford

ADVENTURES IN BEER Tomos & Lilford was started by Rolant Tomos and Rob Lilford, who made beer using mad, unexpected, delicious things because they love the unexpected. Today, we still make beer using mad, unexpected, delicious things because we love the unexpected. Our brews combine new ideas with old traditions to create full flavoured beers to appreciate, to savour and never to forget. From the hedgerow to the herbaceous border, seaweed to South American tea, a sense of adventure prevails in all that we do. It's something we also share with our loyal followers and which inspired our motto, (insert drumroll/fanfare/kazoo, anything goes) 'Adventures in beer'.