Tiny Rebel Cwtch Gin 42% ABV 70cl bottle

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Tiny Rebel Cwtch Gin 42% ABV 70cl bottle

Lovingly smooth distilled and bottled in Wales.

Probably our most famous beer, Cwtch is deliciously refreshing and citrussy. These are qualities we often look for in a gin, so it made total sense that we should recreate in when we got distilling. Heaps of citrus peel delivers that signature note, and it's smooth and cool just like a good gin should be. It's one to make you super cosy and chilled for the rest of the day, so give yourself a Cwtch.

Ingredients: lemon & lime peel, spearmint, liquorice.

Taste: fresh, clean citrus, refreshing & cool.

Best served with: fever-tree naturally light tonic, juniper berries, strawberry, mint.

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"We love gin. It’s often our nightcap after a long day at a beer festival, or something a bit different during after-work beers on a Friday. And the modern Gin Craze is pretty similar to the recent rise of brewing. In our eyes, beer and gin are perfect partners.

Our first attempt to show our love for gin was brewing Gin & Juice, a pale ale packed with gin botanicals like juniper berries, citrus peels and exotic spices.

But we wanted to go one step further. We wanted to make our love for gin totally overt. We wanted to actually make gin. So that’s what we’ve gone and done.

However, being the lovers of variety that we are, we couldn’t settle on one idea of what makes a gin “good”. Just like with beer, there isn’t one magic formula for a “good” beer with everything else being rubbish. It totally depends on mood, tastes, and in the case of gin, what mixer you’d like with it.

So we’ve distilled not one, not two, but THREE gins that we’re absolutely in love with."