Rosie's Triple DDD Medium Cider 5.8% abv 500ml bottle

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Rosie's Triple DDD Medium Cider 5.8% abv 500ml bottle

A medium Rosie's Triple DDD cider specially made by Steve Hughes in Llandelgla near wrexham. 

Pours a pure gold color, with a lovely fresh apple aroma with a mild apple core taste that's not not overpowering. 

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Rosie's Cider

We are now in our thirteenth year of cider making.

I used to make country wines when I was a boy, but it took another 30 years before I thought making cider would be a good way to combine a number of my hobbies. For my first attempt at cider making, I collected apples from our own crab apple trees and added a few others from local sources. 

These apples were pounded inside a stainless steel milk churn and then pressed inside a stainless steel lined garage press. After about 9 hours work, I got 5 gallons of juice which fermented naturally. 

By now, I had joined the Welsh Perry and Cider Society and responded to a call for entries to the CAMRA Bottled Cider Competition at Reading 2006. Astonishingly, our 4 bottles of this first cider won gold! I was now hooked!