Polly's Brew Enigma Mosaic Pale Ale 5.5% abv 440ml can

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Polly's Brew Enigma Mosaic Pale Ale 5.5% abv 440ml can

It goes without saying that we love an absolutely smashable pale ale here at Polly’s. Whether it be for a desk beer at the end of a long day, or sessioning with pals on a weekend, there’s nothing more perfect than an easy drinking pale. Featuring a fast growing new favourite in Enigma, with a Polly’s stalwart in Mosaic, this pale is filled to the brim with grapefruit, mango, and pineapple notes, wrapped up in our in-house LA3 yeast blend.
Totally crushable.


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PollysBrew, WelshCraftBeer, CraftBeer Polly's Brew Co

We are a small, independent brewery situated inside Polly's old horse stable in Mold, North Wales. We like to focus on fresh, seasonal hoppy beers; Pales, IPAs, fresh Stouts and modern Saisons in both can and keg.

We launched in early 2018 with a passion to make the best, freshest beer we possibly can, constantly improving with every beer we produce. We don't use random 'made-up' names for our beers. Instead, we focus on transparency; using and naming our beers after the seasonal ingredients available to us, in particular; latest season hops.

Our current brew-length sits at around 11 hectolitres of which we brew twice a week. We have plans in place to seriously increase both our brew-length and our cellaring capacity, further allowing us to produce more beers while continuing to improve our fermentation/conditioning processes. Our objective is simple; Never stop improving.