pHure smooth Conwy Gin 40% ABV, 700ml bottle

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pHure Smooth Gin- With the finest organic wheat grain alcohol the finest botanicals are extracted, balancing juniper flavours with aromatics and citrus tones, and distilled with the greatest of care in small hand-crafter batches. But instead of using high temperature copper stills, pHure scientists perfectly balance temperature with low pressure, equivalent to distilling at 46,000 feet, ensuring all the complex botanical aromas remain captured in our gin.

pHure Smooth GIn- Gyda'r grawn gwenith alcohol organig gorau, mae'r elfen botanegol gorau yn cael eu heithrio, gan gydbwyso blasau y meryw gyda thraenau a thonau sitrws, a'u distyllio gyda'r gofal gorau mewn llwythi bach wedi'u crefftio â llaw. Ond yn hytrach na defnyddio stiliau copr tymheredd yn berffaith â phwysau isel, sy'n cyfateb i distyllio ar 46,000 troedfedd, gan sicrhau bod yr holl aroma botanegol cymhleth yn cael ei gynnal yn ein gin.


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pHure Liquors

All pHure products are handmade, in small batches and using the finest ingredients. There may be minor variations in taste and colour because they are made with care and attention using natural ingredients.

It takes two PhDs, and a professor of chemical science to put their minds together to create the pHurest, smoothest Liquors. The base is the pHurest distilled grain alcohol made from cereal grains grown on land free from all pesticides, herbicides and certified organic, and which is carefully combined with the sofsest rock filtered mountain water available producing this exceptionally smooth Liquors for your enjoyment!