Pant Y Foel Mini Gin Set

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Pant Y Foel Mini Gin Set

Mini versions of Pant Y Foel's very popular gins in a presentation gift box.

Pant y Foel Sweetshop Gin 38% abv 5ml bottle

Flavours reminiscent of Bubble gum, Candyfloss, Marshmallows & Parma Violets. Serve with Sicilian Lemon Tonic, with crushed Lovehearts & Parma Violets to decorate the rim. Add some mini marshmallows and lemon for a real sweet treat.

Pant y Foel Amber Gin 43% abv 5ml bottle

Infused with Cinnamon, Orange, Cranberry with plenty of Juniper notes and Lemon Verbena.  Serve over plenty of ice with tonic, a swirl of orange zest and some dried cranberries. 

Pant y Foel Cherry Bakewell Gin 38% abv 5ml bottle

Strong Cherry gin with almond flavouring. Serve with Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water and a Glacé cherry.


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Pant Y Foel Welsh Gin is a small batch Gin company creating unique tasting gins.