Mad Dog Brewing K9 Triplephenia 7% abv 330ml bottle

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Mad Dog Brewing K9 Triplephenia 7% abv 330ml bottle

Deep amber Belgian Tripel brewed with three malts and three hops blended with Candi sugar, then fermented with a blend of Belgian and American yeast, before being finished by dry hopping with Mosaic.


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Having started to homebrew at an early age, Alexis Jones has always had a driven passion for making amazing beer...

After a break from home brewing for almost 10 years, Alexis decided to start again after watching some home brewing videos on YouTube. Soon after starting,  Alexis decided he wanted to become a professional brewer and managed to get a position with the Celt Experience brewery in Caerphilly, quickly learning how to brew in a large, commercial brewery.

After that,  Al decided to take up a microbiology course in Beer at Brew Lab and started up Mad Dog Brewing Co Ltd in October 2014 - brewing from his kitchen at home with 4 core beers: Afternoon Sunshine, Bark Like A Bird, Dirty Dog and Now In A Minute. The concept behind Mad Dog Brewing Co was to create fantastic craft beers using largely unique ingredients and combinations of grains,  hops and other ingredients. An example of this is the very highly rated beer designed and brewed by Alexis called All Day Granola Breakfast Stout. This beer is brewed using locally sourced handmade granola from the Wye Valley and is a fresh, unique take on a typical ‘breakfast’ stout.  It’s satisfying, tasty and good enough to have at any time of the day.  

In February 2015, Alexis moved the brewery from his home kitchen in Cwmbran to a small industrial unit in Penperlleni. A year later, the brewery was expanded again with a move into a much bigger unit on the same industrial site. Capacity increased dramatically with the  installation of a 6BBL brewery with 2 fermenters.  Popular demand of Mad Dogs beers very quickly saw 2 new staff joining the brewery and a further 3 fermenters being installed by July 2016.

Alexis has produced some amazing beers – including some collaborations,  special requests and one-off recipes which have continued to push the creativity of the brewery to new heights.  The future is looking bright for this innovative Welsh brewer.