Heavy Industry, La Vie En Rose 330ml can 4% ABV

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Heavy Industry- La Vie En Rose (330ml can, 4% ABV)

This lightly soured beer uses mixed yeast cultures and plantarum from Lallemano. Hibiscus brings the pink while styrian cardinal and raspberries bring a delicate sorbet like thing to the party.

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At Heavy Industry, we believe in beer as entertainment. We are not hung up on style. We believe in big, bold and balanced. There is something in our line up to satisfy all tastes provided taste is what you are after.

From a 3.8% session beer to a hefewiessen to a big brash IPA, top quality malts are blended to provide a solid backbone for liberal hopping, dry hopping and even double dry hopping.

Heavy Industry : microbrewed because big is beautiful!