G Brewery American Pale 440ml can 6.4% ABV

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G Brewery- American Pale (440ml can,6.4% ABV)
An American pale ale style beer, with a taste of full bodied, spikey and bitter. The aroma is resinous, grapefruit and mango. It contains water, barley, oats, hops and yeast.

Notes: Live beer, contains yeast. Store upright and pour gently if you want to leave yeast behind. Best served chilled

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2018 is well under way and we can't wait to share all our plans with you! Brewing is going so well we have doubled our team and increased our capacity so that we can keep up with your demand for our beer! We have loads more events happening this year, including our ever-popular beer festivals, comedy nights, tasting sessions, and brewery tours (we're now even running an extra one each month so we can fit you all in.)

We'll be working with our friends from far and wide to bring you some of their wonderful beers and some super fun collabs and nano-brews too! Keep an eye our at TANK and the Brewery Bar for these. Happy drinking...