Dinorwig Distillery Blue Slate Gin 42% ABV 5cl

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Dinorwig Distillery Blue Slate Gin 42% ABV 5cl

Our tiny mountainside distillery is nestled beneath the slate quarries of Dinorwig. Here we distil our gin in truly tiny batches, cut it to strength with our own mountain well-water, then bottle, seal and label it on site by hand.

This aromatic juniper-led dry gin has a pine and herbal nose, grapefruit and eldeflower in the mouth, and a long dry finish. Serve with a quality tonic and a slice of juicy orange or try a sprig of green coriander seed.

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Blue Slate Gin Dinorwig Distillery

Nestled beneath Dinorwig Slate Quaries, producing truely small batch gin using locally sourced  botanicals wherever possible and water from their own well.