Coles Raspberry Gin 70cl 37.5% abv

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Coles Raspberry Gin 70cl 37.5% abv

Made by infusing fresh raspberries into Carmarthen Gin at the Coles Distillery to produce a delicious drink that is bursting with fresh raspberry flavours, a taste of summer awaits you with every sip.  Serve over ice with a few extra raspberries and your favourite tonic or lemonade. 

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Coles, Distillers of Fine Spirits

The Coles family have been distilling their own spirits since 2013. We now produce a wide variety of spirits in our unique still. Designed and built by the Coles family following a distillery course in Chicago, it allows us to produce some lovely whiskys, rums, vodkas and moonshine, amongst other drinks. Coles family distillery are now even offering the opportunity for you to buy your very own whisky and rum casks.