Coles Fine Welsh Whisky 42% abv 700ml

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Coles Fine Welsh Whisky 42% abv 700ml

The distillery is set in the beautiful Welsh villange of Llanddarog, Carmarthenshire.  The Coles family are passionate about their Whisky-Chwisgi only using the finest ingredients.  What makes our Welsh whisky spirit unique is the water from our well which has been filtered through the surrounding limestone rock for millions of years.

This first release Whels malt whisky distilled slowly on our still using only the heart of the run and made from the finest barley.  The malt spirit has been sleeping on a bourbon barrel until it was awoken and bottled.

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Coles, Distillers of Fine Spirits

The Coles family have been distilling their own spirits since 2013. We now produce a wide variety of spirits in our unique still. Designed and built by the Coles family following a distillery course in Chicago, it allows us to produce some lovely whiskys, rums, vodkas and moonshine, amongst other drinks. Coles family distillery are now even offering the opportunity for you to buy your very own whisky and rum casks.