Coles, Cadogan Dark Rum 70cl 40% ABV

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Coles, Cadogan Dark Rum 70cl 40% ABV

Created by the Coles family in their distillery in Llanddarog, this dark rum is inspired by Howell Davies a Welsh pirate born in Milford Haven.  He didn’t rely on arms and power as other pirates did, as an intelligent man he used all kinds of tricks such as bribe and disguise to get what he wanted.  His pirate career only lasted 11 months before he was deviously ambused and shot 5 times.  His ship was called Cadogan. 

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The Coles family have been distilling their own spirits since 2013. We now produce a wide variety of spirits in our unique still. Designed and built by the Coles family following a distillery course in Chicago, it allows us to produce some lovely whiskys, rums, vodkas and moonshine, amongst other drinks. Coles family distillery are now even offering the opportunity for you to buy your very own whisky and rum casks.