Chimay Grande Reserve 2017 9% ABV, 75cl

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Chimay Grande Reserve 2017 9% ABV, 75cl

The Chimay "Grand Reserve" is a Trappist beer with secondary fermentation in bottle. Brewed at Scourmont Abbey and aged in our cellars, the "Grand Reserve is a dark beer with a powerful aroma, a complex taste and ages very well. Contains barley.

This batch from February 2017 of the Chimay Grande Reserve Barrel Aged is dark brown and has a wood and Rum taste due to the fermentation in 3 types of barrels:36% French oak,42% American oak and 22% Rum. 9% ABV, unfiltered, unpasteurised. Excellent commbination of Chimay Bleue and Rhum.

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Chimay is an authentic Trappist beer: this means that it is brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery, under the control and responsibility of the community of monks, who are involved through the process of making and marketing the beer. Most of the income generated by this activity is devoted to the needs of the community and social works.


During the summer of 1850, a small group of monks established themselves on the wild plateau of Scourmont near Chimay. Around the monastery a farm, a brewery, and a cheese plant came to be. Scourmont Abbey has developed various economic activities, permitting the growth of regional employment.