Barti Ddu Gift Pack

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Barti Ddu Gift Pack

Introducing the much anticipated gift pack! Treat a fellow spiced rum lover or keep it all for yourself, this gift pack contains one full size 70cl bottle of Barti Spiced with a great tin cup perfect for a hot toddy or just a slug of Barti when you’re out and about exploring. The cup handle doubles as the gift set handle so you can carry and deliver with ease!

On the back of the pack you’ll find two fabulous recipes to try, “Pistol Proof Espresso Martini” and “Hot Buttered Barti”.

35% abv

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Barti Ddu Rum - 

Barti Rum launched quietly in the summer of 2017. An idea captured by Jonathan Williams, seaweed fanatic, founder of The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company and self confessed dreamer. After a series of late nights at the time of his second daughter being born, Jonathan found himself captivated by a story he’d newly discovered, one of adventure, Pembrokeshire, passion and the deep blue sea.

With the flavours in mind and a thirst for good drinks with good friends, Barti Ddu Rum was quickly born and so this new story begins. Barti Rum is made up of a blend of the finest Caribbean rum, seasoned with not only the most delicate notes of vanilla, clove and subtle orange, but with hand picked laver seaweed from right here on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.