Purple Moose- Myrica Gale Bog Myrtle Ale 500ml bottle,4.1% ABV

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Purple Moose, Myrica Gale Bog Myrtle Ale (500ml bottle, 4.1% ABV)

A sumptuous sweet stout brewed with water from Snowdonia.

Generous helpins of roasted Barley and a trio of hops are complemented by the added extravagance of herbal Welsh Bog Myrtle to produce a unique aromatic stout. 

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Purple Moose

Y Bragdy Mws Piws / The Purple Moose Brewery is a '40-Barrel' micro-brewery based in the historic harbour town of Porthmadog, North Wales, close to the mountains of Snowdonia. Brewing commenced on 14th June 2005 with a one-off special pale ale at 3.5% called "No.1".