North Star- Merywen Gin Distilled 40%abv, 70cl

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 Merywen Gin from the first of the new North Wales' newest distilleries -  North Star.

They say "Merywen Gin combines local botanicals, influences and inspiration, to produce a delicate and well rounded gin; which evokes as much of the culture of its home as it’s flavours.

Distilled in extremely small batches on our 30 litre copper still, Merywen Gin is distilled with great attention to detail. The specific choice of  natural ingredients used were inspired by years of exploring the lanes by bike and foot. Merywen is the welsh word for juniper berries, the principle flavour of gin which can be found growing wild in protected areas of North Wales. Botanicals including eithin (gorse) and grug (heather) are hand-picked from the blossoming hedgerows that surround our rural distillery, combined and distilled with pure grain spirit and local unfiltered water from the foothills of the Welsh mountains. Nothing is used that cannot be found locally.

Intrinsic to Merywen’s distinctive character is the traditional music of the area. Wales is famous for singers and musicians, and the rolling hills of Conwy and Denbighshire are no exception. Some of these talented individuals have written tunes for the gin, displayed on each bottle, allowing the drinker to hear as well as taste something of our Wales.

There is a welsh word, cynefin, which translates as the feeling of being at home. Merywen Gin seeks to evoke this feeling in the drinker. So much of Wales is overlooked by visitors hasty to reach the famous mountains and beaches. Merywen Gin aims to reflect the hidden gems; the culture, the countryside and the true Welsh Spirit."

We say it is exquisitly crafted and packaged .  each bottle is hand written with bottle number,  and we think it is just amazing - beautiful aromatic botanicals evident from first uncorking and delicious deep flavours that linger.

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