Tenby Brewing Co

Here at Tenby Brewing we love all things beer, and we're lucky to be part of the current and ever improving UK beer scene. Our progressive and innovative approach to brewing means that our beers are always evolving and improving. While our focus is on consistency and quality in the core range, we are constantly experimenting with new styles and flavours for our small batch limited edition brews.


James and Rob released our first commercial beer 'Barefoot Blonde' in early 2015 having decided that some of the beer we were producing at home was far more interesting than the mass produced beers available in our local pubs and shops. That first batch of beer sold out in a matter of days, which was lucky since we would've been unable to brew a second without those funds! We went on to produce another 4 beers in 2015 including our 'Black Flag Rum Porter', a witbeer and a red IPA. With some great local venues supporting us we were hitting the brewing capacity by summer and had to add an extra fermenter in an attempt to keep up! We got excited when 'Black Flag' came first at a Pembrokeshire CAMRA tasting event (competing with a host of other Pembrokeshire beers) and ecstatic when the guys at Tiny Rebel asked us to bring our beers to the capital for 'Cardiff brewfest' with a handful of the best breweries in the UK. We couldn't wait to see what 2016 would bring!


There is nothing more frustrating than saying 'no' to a customer who wants to buy your beer, which is hard for the customer to understand with a range now including 11 different styles, something had to change.. and fast! Desperate to expand production, we finally secured some funding.. find out what's been happening since on our blog

Rob & James