Shire Meadery

mead, welshmead, finemeads

At Shire Meadery we aim to create unique light meads with a focus on delicate flavours and drinkability. Mead is wonderfully versatile with huge potential and we want to help this venerable drink regain the reputation it deserves.

Mead is made from honey, water, and yeast.  It is a delicacy with a rich history going back thousands of years. A single bottle of mead is the result of thousands of bees visiting millions of flowers, collecting their nectar and refining it. In turn, honey is made and harvested under the specialist care of beekeepers, then fermented to perfection over weeks or even months.

Historically mead was highly sought after; but only regularly available to those of great wealth and renown, or otherwise to those of more humble means who had the skill and will to make it. The taste and aroma profile of mead is imparted by the honey, and therefore nectar it is made from. In addition, a myriad of botanicals can be used to create further complexity. At Shire Meadery we aspire to bring together these natural flavours to create light meads unsurpassed in quality.