Lines Brew Co

We are blenders of farmhouse beer lines, with a vision of becoming fully sustainable, locally sourcing produce and brewing using renewable energy. We are incorporating global flavours from international beer folklore and mixing with current innovation to bring a different dimension to the increasingly global and constantly expanding market of craft beer.

All Lines beers are brewed from natural ingredients using fresh water from the borehole aquifier underneath our brewery. Each beer is tasted at maturation to adjust for acidity changes, and finished by blending back with one of our sour backs or other styles for a consistently unique, ever-evolving range of beer. All our beers are blended, unfiltered, unfined, and unpasteurised.

As evidenced by our name and artwork, our beers follow a structure of Ley lines, or dragon lines, as we call them colloquially. These lines are ancient, straight trackways in the British landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms. All of our art is created by Kef, a brilliant street artist from Berlin, who in himself encapsulates harnessing raw energy and embracing your space with his live, free-flowing, and non-repetitive technique to achieve soulful and simple inspiration in his work. Tracing the lines and flow of technique, tradition, and innovation lends itself to an overriding structure we aim to implement in our brewing.