Jaspels (Anglesey Craft Cider)

For many years, we had produced craft cider as a hobby on a small scale made from apples that would have otherwise been thrown away by friends and family. In 2013 we yearned for a change in lifestyle on the coast and after spending many memorable weekends on the Isle of Anglesey, we knew it was the only place we wanted to be. Not just for it's beautiful landscape and breathtaking views but also for the people and the pace of life.

In autumn 2015 we noticed many apple trees on Anglesey had an abundace of fruit going to waste and this sparked the idea to produce an Anglesy Craft Cider on a commercial level. The following summer we made a plea via social media for unwanted Anglesey apples and pears and we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response. Offers of fruit came flooding in from single trees to orchards allowing us to embark on the bountiful task of collecting apples from all over the island.

So there began the Jaspels journey producing five unique craft ciders, winning awards,gaining lots of media interest and an international following of cider enthusiasts all in the first year...phew!