Afon Mêl

Afon Mêl renews the tradition of mead making with a range of modern meads. Using a traditional recipe and modern brewing techniques our mead, which is made in small batches, is fermented at ambient tempreratures during the summer months before maturing in casks. The process takes at least two years which results in our mead having a smooth, mature, full bodied flavour. The alcohol and the beautiful honey flavour present in all our meads is simply a result of fermenting honey and water together.

Brewed by monks through the middle ages, MEAD was the mainstay of Welsh courtly life. It is reckoned to be the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. All over drink in the world. All over Europe it was thought to be an aphrodisiac and given to newlyweds to drink for a month, hence the origin of the word 'honeymoon'. Celebrated in the poetry of Aneirin and Taliesin, it was a drink for which the Welsh were hustly famous.

Afon Mêl has a smooth, fruity taste which makes it easy to drink and enjoy in a variety of different ways, and not just by newlyweds.